Walk in winding paths o’ pilgrim. Keeper of road, helper of folk both corporeal and not, creator of great works. May the path you blaze be long and meandering. Walk until you find your home. Walk.

A system, and setting, for players and referees of adventure games that like to feel the dust of the road on their boots, the weight of their tools in their packs, the itching of the scars of their trials, and the satisfaction of skills well-earned.

In this game you will play a Pilgrim. A wandering craftsperson, mystic, and road warden. You will solve problems, explore the archipelago, meet folk, and learn new things.

This game is in active development and might change.

Pilgrim’s Passages is compatible with other old school dungeon games that value a methodical and problem-solving focused style of play, it is recommended that you focus less on dungeon play and more on overland travel.

Table of Contents

Character Sheets

Download Character Sheets Here


Below is a collection of playlists for use when playing, writing, and just vibing Pilgrim’s Passages. Each one is named after one of the four phases of play, I recommend setting them all to shuffle and changing as play shifts from phase to phase.