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Baking a Layer Cake of History into your Campaign Sep 29, 2023 Rulings & Design & Generation I was watching my friend, Chris P Wolf, play Caves of Qud this week. It’s a fantastic game, you should play it. The game describes itself as a Trying to solve crafting. Aug 23, 2023 Rulings & Design Like most folks who attempt a “Fantasy Heart Breaker” I swear mine, Pilgrim’s Passages, has different goals from the big dragon game. A focus on Generating Elevation in a Hexcrawl Aug 16, 2023 Rulings & Design & Generation I grew-up, and currently live, in Southern Appalachia, it’s a big part of who I am. My childhood was spent on the sides of hills, up to my knees in I got rid of HP. Aug 10, 2023 Rulings & Design I have been running my home ruleset for some folks, focusing more on travel this time. This ruleset was made within a philosophy of characters being